Red Hat

Brand Awareness and Brand Consideration

A global leader in providing open source solutions that allow companies to operate across multiple platforms and environments, from the central datacenter to the network edge to support an IT infrastructure that is flexible and powerful.

Red Hat asked us to increase the visibility of the content published on their Italian social channels and intensify the traffic to their website. Ad hoc campaigns were launched to promote webinars and events organized by the company itself.


  • Social Strategy
  • Digital Events
  • Video Interviews
  • Reporting

Communication on social channels was meant for describing Red Hat’s activities through different editorial lines that presented the products, the corporate culture and the market in which Red Hat operates.

The goal was to bring users closer to the reality of Red Hat, not only from a technical and technological point of view, but also from culture and opportunities that revolve around the world of open source.

We are not all master of technology so a few more words from the experts can help us understand better the services offered. That is why, along with the client, we decided to put Red Hat people and their knowledge first by organizing a series of interviews of the managers.


  • Engagement
  • Registrations
  • Awareness