Brand Awareness e Lead Generation

wethod is a Project Portfolio Management software that enables the simultaneous management of CRM, Project Management and Income Statement. It is a modern, independent, counter-current, but responsible way of thinking about Management.
WETHOD asked us for support in increasing brand awareness and generating business leads. We therefore implemented a 360° digital strategy with the creation of a high-level editorial plan and an annual media plan that promoted wethod services through a creative campaign and product communication.

To further increase the brand awareness of the client, we first organized an online webinar and then an event involving as speaker marketing manager and founder of creative agencies, clients and non-clients of Wethod.

Design by wethod


  • Target analysis
  • Social Media
  • ADV Campaigns
  • Webinar
  • Event
  • Follow up
  • Report & analysis

We thought of an ad hoc landing to present the product and its functioning in detail where people could request their own free demo.

Design by wethod

The event, Supernova Agencies, was promoted through an advertising communication campaign and media partnership collaborations and ended with a sold out of over 200 people made up of an audience of target participants who were selected during the registration.


  • Impressions
  • Cost per lead
  • Conversions rate
  • Traffic