TUNAP Italia

Digital Marketing

TUNAP, a German company currently in 30 countries, is leading the research, development and production of solutions for the automotive world.
Initially centered on consulting for the definition of an integrated communication strategy for its digital social media, the project has now expanded to more thorough activities with the growing complexity of the company.


  • Bootcamp
  • Social Consultancy
  • ADV Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics and CRM
  • Corporate Academy
  • Data Strategy

The company has then developed its own e-commerce platform for the B2B market. We have supported TUNAP in several ways: coaching and training the consultants to the correct use and the search for synergies between online and offline sales, then with a digital marketing strategy that could boost the awareness of the platform, the acquisition of new customers and the conversion via digital advertising, email marketing and inbound campaigns.

Cosa misuriamo

  • Awareness, reach, copertura
  • Website Traffic
  • Training events