Lago Design

An editorial project for brand awareness

LAGO Design represents Made in Italy excellence in the field of modular furniture for homes, hotels, restaurants, shops and work spaces. LAGO claims to believe in design as a tool for social transformation, useful for responding to the needs of contemporary living.

LAGO Design needed support for the realization of a project that could affirm the brand as a cultural leader. Thus was born Good Design is Good Business, an editorial project that wants to create discussion around the hot topics of design through the most traditional of media: print.


  • Creative concept
  • Topic
  • Magazine structure
  • Authors selection
  • Content curation

We have dealt with different aspects of business and social issues by collecting in a new magazine idea the ideas and opinions of six excellent authors with different professional profiles (such as Roberto Battaglia from Intesa San Paolo, Alessandro Mininno from Gummy Industries, but also architects and leading design studios). An innovative way to tell the ecosystem in which LAGO Design moves.