Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness

Incomedia is a company that has been developing software for website editing around the world since 1998.

Incomedia asked us for support for a digital marketing activity plan aimed at developing the business with a focus on the Website X5 and a B2B and B2C target.

Following the bootcamp and the strategic analysis, we worked on a review of their brand identity. Besides the consultancy on existing touchpoints, we then worked on an inbound marketing project to generate new contacts through the creation of a quiz supported by a nurturing flow.


  • Bootcamp & analysi
  • Art direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Asset
  • Inbound Marketing
  • ADV C
  • SEO Strategy
  • Digital PR

The ADV strategy also involved the creation of a series of digital assets that targeted a B2B and B2C market: one more commercial and one more emotional. To then enhance the awareness of Incomedia, the strategy also saw the involvement of micro-influencers active on YouTube and the launch of digital PR and link building activities.


  • Cost per Lead
  • Impressions and reach
  • Traffic