Elmec Informatica and CybergOn

Dark Gate Campaign

Elmec computer is an Italian company that has been involved for more than 50 years in accompanying companies through the digital evolution with data center solutions, connectivity and IT systems aimed at the conservation and protection of corporate data.
The company stands out in the market thanks to a range of flexible IT services and solutions that can evolve and adapt together with the actual needs of customers.
CybergOn is the business unit of Elmec Informatica specialized in IT security.
Elmec Informatica & CybergOn asked us for a creative campaign to communicate the synergy between the two brands to the target: CybergOn identifies cyber threats, Elmec Informatica solves the problem. Along with brand awareness, we were asked for a lead generation goal.

After making a Content Inventory of the materials available, we created a mini site that would collect them. In this space, the user, through a gamification system, was able to test himself in a virtual Escape Room where he had to overcome the challenges of IT security.


  • Analysis
  • Creative Concept
  • Go live
  • Advertising

To optimize the collection of leads, an advertising campaign was activated on various channels with the aim of recording downloads of a whitepaper focused on Cyber Security & Data Protection. Following the download of this content, users were engaged in a nurturing stream that gave access to every single room of the mini site.


  • Engagement
  • Registrations
  • Awareness