Social media and Inbound

A fast-growing company in the energy commodity sector, the desire to appeal to a young target and an evolving and competitive environment in which it is extremely important to gain market share.
For Bluenergy, we developed a variety of projects, including social media channel management, content creation for positioning and an inbound project focused on lead generation.


  • Analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Planning
  • Content production
  • Design
  • Media plan
  • Publication
  • Delivery
  • KPI measurement
“Starting point: to sell and talk about commodities that have zero awareness, to succeed with social media engagement, to obtain a good number of leads and to carry out content marketing that positions us, gives us authority and increases our audience, especially among the young, well-informed target market.”

What we measure

  • engagement
  • website visits
  • marketing qualified leads
  • conversion rate